Clothes Closet

Clothes Closet was started by the Federation of Jewish Women in 1962 and League of Terre Haute adopted it as their project in 1990 because it went along with our mission statement.

We serve the Vigo County School children in grades K-12 at all the schools. These clothing “orders” are filled to give the child a week’s worth of clothing and underwear. The orders are requested through the school nurse at each school, and then League members work shifts to fill these orders quickly.

The general public can help by monetary donations to League of Terre Haute and designate it to be for Clothes Closet. We are always in need.


So far for the 2015/16 school year the league has filled :

387 orders!!

196 girls and 191 boys

An approximate cost to fill an order is: $250.00 and that is if everything is on sale.

The Clothes Closet tries to fill ALL kinds of need such as flood, fire, pregnancy, and children taken from homes. We have yet to turn down a child in need.

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