I am a Terre Haute native.  All my life I heard about League of Terre Haute and ‘The Dance’, also affectionately dubbed ‘The Prom of Terre Haute’!  My mother was too busy with her many other service organizations to become a member, though always thought she should have!  Most of her friends, a few of my Aunts, and my mother-in-law also served in League.

As I began teaching, I became more aware of League’s Dental Education program, and the impact it had on the children’s lives and the thrill on their faces in receiving a new toothbrush and their own little tube of toothpaste!  A few years later, I was honored to be asked to join League.

Very soon, the real impact of the League of Terre Haute hit when some students in my Kindergarten classroom were recipients of League’s Clothes Closet donations.  One sweet little girl in particular was so excited and proud to wear her ‘new clothes’ from the Clothes Closet to school, and ‘modeled’ them for me every time she wore them!  What is especially touching is that this little girl and her family are truly poor, yet she found a few of her well used toys to wrap in a paper bag to give me for Christmas!  These are the types of families we proudly serve in League of Terre Haute!

League is an opportunity for individuals to come together and support our community through Clothes closet and the Dental Health Programs in the school. League of Terre Haute has become a highly honored and well established group in the community known for their donations and support to under privileged children in the Wabash Valley. The women of this group grow to become strong leaders of our community with a hearts filled with compassion and care.

The League of Terre Haute has provided me with more than just new friends. It has given me a chance to see the needs of the children throughout our community that are less fortunate. Being able to make a child’s day just by giving them a new toothbrush and toothpaste is a great feeling. There is nothing more gratifying than watching a child’s face light up after they receive brand new clothes that they can call their own! I hope people truly see the wonderful work that this organization does and the dedicated women who are behind it all!!

League of Terre Haute gives me the opportunity to really make a difference in the children’s lives in our community.  Thru dental education and Clothes Closet.  I can see the impact it has on our youth in the schools.  I enjoy making our county a better place for children to grow up.

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